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  • John Morris Lee came to the Jackson County Adult Detention Center in December 2012. Charged with a third offense (felony) shoplifting charge, he had been in the facility several times in the past. For many years prior to his incarceration, Lee suffered epileptic seizures for which he received medication. Upon entry into the ADC, Lee […]

  • Cynthia Glaskox arrived at the George County Hospital Emergency Room in the early morning hours of January 12, 2014. Upon arrival she complained of abdominal pain, telling the emergency department staff she had recently undergone abdominal surgery. The attending emergency room physician determined Ms. Glaskox was likely suffering from a bowel perforation. Given her circumstances, […]

  • Last week the Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed a summary judgment for Dr. Todd Frieze and other co-defendants dismissing medical negligence claims filed against them by Carol Gray.   In May 2009, a biopsy of Gray’s spine showed that she had multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer. The lab results were sent to Dr. […]

  • The Mississippi Supreme Court recently affirmed a jury verdict in favor of Dr. Heather North and her clinic.  The Plaintiff claimed Dr. North failed to timely diagnose her with vasculitis.  She alleged the doctor’s delay caused her to lose her right leg below the knee and part of her left foot. On appeal the Plaintiff […]